As a lawyer for family law in Bremen, Dr. jur. Christian Kasten specialises in family law and mediation. He acts on behalf of clients in Bremen and throughout Germany as their lawyer for all family law issues.

In advance of the marriage, the law office advises clients in connection with family law matters, including drawing up prenuptial agreements and the individual regimes of matrimonial property, such as the community of accrued gains, the community of property as well as the separation of property. As a lawyer for family law, Dr. jur. Christian Kasten advises marital partners or partners living in non-marital cohabitation in the context of all issues arising from separation and divorce. This includes questions about the equalisation of accrued gains and the statutory equalisation of pensions, as well as questions about maintenance (child maintenance, childcare maintenance and spousal maintenance) and concerning custody and access rights with respect to common children. Many elements of a separation or divorce can also be settled out of court by mutual agreement, which saves the client from having to endure protracted legal disputes.

As a lawyer for family law and a divorce lawyer, Dr. jur. Kasten acts on behalf of his clients both in and out of court.

His dual role as a lawyer for family law and a mediator in the area of family law ensures that goal-oriented solutions can be achieved out of court.

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Dr. jur. Christian Kasten - lawyer for family law in Bremen

Lawyer for Family Law

As a lawyer for family law in Bremen, Dr. jur. Christian Kasten is specialised in family law and mediation. He represents clients throughout Germany in all matters relating to family law. International mandates are also served by the lawyer for family law. The mediation competence of lawyer Dr. jur. Christian Kasten supports solutions for of out-of-court disputes in the situation of separation and divorce of his clients.

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Family Law

Advice from Dr. jur. Christian Kasten from Bremen covers all areas of family law. These include issues prior to a marriage, such as the design of marriage contract. In context of separation and divorce, for example, advice will be given on issues such as the organisation of the separation of assets, maintenance of separation, child support, maintenance of a spouse, matrimonial property regime, good acquired during marriage, parental custody and rights of access and separation of real estate.

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Mediation allows couples to solve conflicts prior to, during or after separation by mutual agreement and in their own responsibility. Mediation is an independent alternative to litigation.

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